Rules and Regulations

  • 1. GENERAL

    • 1.1 The rules of the game of golf shall be those currently adopted by the Royal and Ancient Golf Club of St. Andrews (R&A) and the United States Golf Association(USGA).
    • 1.2 Sungai Long Golf Resort Berhad (SLGCC) is a "BUGGY" Course.
    • 1.3 Local Rules shall be printed on the scorecard and changes shall be posted on the golf notice board from time to time.
    • 1.4 The Management may, at its absolute discretion, delegate any of its powers relating to the use of the Golf Course to such person(s) or committee(s), as the Management shall deem fit.
    • 1.5 The Management shall be authorized to vary the control of play and the starting times regulated by a time sheet, whenever necessary.
    • 1.6 Members/Golfers with valid handicap may use the Golf Course on such days and times as the Management may decide and upon such terms as the Management shall determine.
    • 1.7 Members and Golfers are required to purchase golf insurance coverage against third (3rd) party liability, personal injury, damage and/or loss of personal effects.
    • 1.8 Members must produce their Membership cards to the Registration Clerk upon registration.
    • 1.9 Members and guests must produce their identification tags when requested to do so by an employee of the Club or any other person(s) authorized by the Club.
    • 1.10 The Management may at any time reserve or close the whole or part of Golf Course for any reason whatsoever.
    • 1.11 All golfers must have a valid handicap before they are allowed to play.
    • 1.12 Sharing of golf Clubs is prohibited.

    • 2.1 An official golf identification tag shall be displayed by all Members whilst on the Golf Course. The tag should be displayed in a prominent part of the golf bag and shall be available for inspection upon request by the Management, Starters, Course Marshals, and/or other such authorized personnel.
    • 2.2 Visitors from Clubs with reciprocal arrangements and duly authorized non-members/guest(s) whilst on the Golf Course must each display clearly and appropriately visitor's tag as in By-Law 2.1

    • 3.1 Golfers without a valid handicap or whose handicap is above 26 (men) and 38 (ladies) shall not be entitled to play on SLGCC Golf Course.
    • 3.2 Subject to the provision of the By-Laws 3.1 all guest(s) must produce a valid handicap card/certificate before commencing play at the Golf Course.

    • 4.1 No golfer shall commence play until the golfers in front are out of range.
    • 4.2 Players should not stand close to the edge of the hole or damage the green or drag their feet while walking thereon.
    • 4.3 Golfers shall at all times repair divot and pitch marks, and rake the bunkers during play.
    • 4.4 Players shall play at a good pace and should not delay their play. In the event of slow play, golfers should allow the faster golfers to pass through.
    • 4.5 Searching for golf ball should not exceed five (5) minutes. Any ball that cannot be found within such time must be declared as a “Lost Ball” and golfers shall resume play immediately.
    • 4.6 The Course Marshal shall have the right to direct slow players to the next tee in the event of slow play.
    • 4.7 Before making a practice swing, golfers should ensure that no one is standing close by or in a position to be hit by the Club, ball or any other material which may be moved by the stroke or swing.
    • 4.8 In taking practice swings, golfer(s) should avoid taking divots, particularly on the tee boxes.
    • 4.9 Golfers are not allowed to smoke on the Putting Greens and the Fairways.
    • 4.10 Golfers are to dispose their rubbish (including cigarette butts) in the bins provided in/or around the Golf Course and Clubhouse.

    • 5.1 Golfer(s) shall be in appropriate attire at all times while on the Golf Course, Practice Greens, Practice Bunker and at the Driving Range.
    • 5.2 The appropriate attire for men is tailored shorts or trousers, golf shirt with sleeves and collars and soft non marking shoes with socks. Sleeveless shirts/t-shirts is strictly prohibited.
    • 5.3 The appropriate attire for ladies is skirts or shorts, blouses with sleeves or sports shirts with collars and soft non marking shoes with socks. Sleeveless shirts/t-shirts or blouses is strictly prohibited.
    • 5.4 Jeans and tracksuits are not permitted to be worn in the Golf Course.
    • 5.5 The Management or any authorized employee of the Club shall have the authority to stop a player from playing if he/she is not properly attired.

    • 6.1 Golfer(s) shall be required to produce a valid handicap card before they are allowed to play in the Golf Course.
    • 6.2 Members shall be responsible for all the expenses incurred by their guests (Visitors Rate/Guests Rate).
    • 6.3 Members are to ensure that their guest(s) observe the Rules and Regulations of the Club and shall further be responsible for the behavior and conduct of their guest(s).
    • 6.4 Members are also allowed to sign in for their guests (without member playing) by writing-in to the Club for Club’s approval.
    • 6.5 Members guest are to be charged under Visitors Rate / Guests Rate and all bills are to be settled by Credit Card or charged into the Member’s Account (No Cash Transaction).
    • 6.6 In the event the Member fails to observe the provision herein or filed to turn up, such Member shall be liable to pay double the rate of green fees payable to the Club and may be subjected to disciplinary proceedings.
  • 7. TROLLEY

    • 7.1 The use of Trolley is only allowed after 5:30pm on any operation day, except Tournament day.
    • 7.2 Last Tee-Off time is 6:00pm and Golfers are NOT allowed to be in the Golf Course after 7:15pm.
    • 7.3 Only Members of our Club are allowed to use trolley.
    • 7.4 Non-Players are not allowed to walk into the Golf Course.
    • 7.5 Members who use trolley must allow flights with buggies to pass through at all times.
    • 7.6 Members must register at the Golf Registration Counter before tee-off.
    • 7.7 The Management reserves the absolute right to stop members from pulling the trolley when necessary.

    • 8.1 Rain Check shall only be issued when there is a Temporary Closure of the Course.
    • 8.2 For (18) hole game, a rain check for (18) holes will be issued if a game is abandoned after completion of (3) holes or less (not including insurance).
    • 8.3 For (18) hole game, a rain check for (9) holes will be issued if a game is abandoned after completion of (6) holes (not including insurance).
    • 8.4 No rain check will be issued for a (9) hole game if play has already started.
    • 8.5 No rain check will be issued for any Golf Promotion packages.
    • 8.6 Payment is not refundable.
  • 9. GOLF BOOKING ARRANGEMENT - Member & Guest

    • 9.1 Bookings are open from 7:00a.m to 6:00p.m, Tuesday to Sunday. Bookings are only allowed 2 Weeks in advance.
    • 9.2 Members can make booking by calls, emails or online. Guests are advisable to make booking online only.
    • 9.3 Each Member shall be entitled to only one (1) booking for each day of play. No Members are allowed to book on behalf of another Member. Children of Member(s) are not permitted to make booking.
    • 9.4 When making a booking, Member shall provide their name(s) Membership numbers and their guests together with their handicap.
    • 9.5 The Member making the booking shall be responsible for the non-appearance of any of the players on his/her flights and be liable for the payment of the no show fees of RM 300
    • 9.6 The Member who made the booking shall be solely responsible for the non-appearance of any of the players on the same flight.
    • 9.7 The Management will confirm of the booking flight and the player/golfer will be at the starter’s hut 10 minutes before tee-off time.
    • 9.8 The Management reserves the right to allow other players to tee-off for booking(s) not taken up.
    • 9.9 The above By-Laws are also applied to spouse(s) of Members.
    • 9.10 Corporate bookings – The Management may at any time and from time to time by notice reserve the whole or any part of the Golf Course for such purpose.

    • 10.1 Members are allowed to pay by credit card or charge into their Membership Account.
    • 10.2 Guest – only by Credit Card.
    • 10.3 No cash transaction.

    • 11.1 Subject to the approval of the Management, the Golf Manager shall be authorized to make amend or vary the rules pertaining to the control of play.
    • 11.2 All golfers and guests should report to the Golf Registration Centre at least thirty (30) minutes before the tee-off time and be at the tee-box at least ten (10) minutes before the tee-off time.
    • 11.3 All players shall ensure that they tee-off at their assigned time and shall not delay their play.
    • 11.4 Minimum three (3) golfers per flight are permitted on weekends and public holidays. As for two (2) players per flight, it shall be at the discretion of the Management.
    • 11.5 A golfer may not play more than one ball at any time in the Golf Courses.
    • 11.6 Non golfers may not accompany golfers in the Golf Courses.
    • 11.7 Only Members’ guests with a valid handicap are allowed to play.
    • 11.8 Undue Delay/Slow Play :
      • Players searching for a ball should signal the players behind them to pass as soon as it becomes apparent that the ball will not be easily found after a search of not more than five (5) minutes. They should also not continue play until the players following them have passed and are out of range.
      • If the group ahead is slowing down the group behind with one (1) clear hole then the group behind shall be allowed to pass and play through.
      • Players are expected to assist and cooperate with the Officials and Course Marshalls in their attempts to expedite the play of any group of players.
    • 11.9 Issue and return of score cards – Score cards will be issued to each golfer (member only). All score cards issued must be properly completed and signed by every golfer concerned and returned to the boxes provided for handicap purposes without delay upon completion of the round. All golfers are therefore reminded not to lose or throw away any such score cards regardless of the number of holes played for any reason, including cancellation of play due to bad weather.

    • 12.1 Play in the Golf Course shall be regulated by siren as follows :
      • One (1) continuous blast of one (1) minute – Stop Play
      • Two (2) continuous blasts of one (1) minute – Abandon Play
      • Three (3) short blasts – Resume Play 
    • 12.2 Any golfer(s) who continue play when a Golf Course is closed may be subject to disciplinary action.

    • 13.1 Caddy
      (a) All golfers shall hire caddy at the prescribed rate when sufficient caddy are available.
      (b) No booking or selecting of caddy is permitted.
      (c) Caddy are not permitted in such areas of the Club as shall be determined by the Management from time to time.
      (d) Caddy are not permitted to run errands for Members or guest(s).
      (e) The Management shall not be responsible for cash or valuables entrusted to the caddy by the golfers or kept in the golf bag.
      (f) Any complaint against caddy shall be made in writing to the Management immediately after the incident.
    • 13.2 Buggies
      (a) SLGCC is a Buggy Track Course. All buggies must be on the buggy tracks at all times.
      (b) All golfers shall be required to use buggies in the Golf Course, unless otherwise permitted by the Management.
      (c) No booking of buggies are allowed.
      (d) Buggies must be collected and returned to the Buggy Station immediately after use.
      (e) Children are not permitted to drive buggies.
      (f) The hirer is responsible for all damages to the buggy and will bear the cost of making good the buggy.
    • 13.3 Red Flag
      Only available for VIP and handicap senior golfers as according to the requirement and golf course condition.

    • 14.1 All golfers shall be required to produce a valid handicap card before they are allowed to play on the Golf Courses.
    • 14.2 Golfers without valid handicap shall be required to produce a golf proficiency certificate to play on the Golf Courses.
    • 14.3 Golfers twelve (12) years and below and with a proficiency certificate shall be accompanied at all times by an adult with a valid handicap.
    • 14.4 Members with a valid handicap from other Clubs shall be recognized.
    • 14.5 Members’ handicaps shall be computed in accordance with the current USGA handicapping system and the recommendations of Malaysian Golf Association (MGA). Such handicaps shall be printed in the Handicap Register monthly.
    • 14.6 The Management may at its discretion, revise or suspend the official handicap of a Member at any time.
    • 14.7 The revision of official handicaps shall, unless otherwise determined by the Management, be in accordance with the recommendations of the MGA and USGA handicap system.
    • 14.8 The Management shall or upon recommendation of the Handicap Committee, have the right to revise (upwards or downwards) a handicap if the player’s performance justifies it, as per "Handicap Revision Table" below.
    • 14.9 When a handicap is cut or reduced voluntarily or in accordance with Rule 8 hereof, the revised handicap shall remain unchanged for a period of three (3) months and constitutes, during such period of time, the official handicap of the Member unless the actual handicap is lower.
    • 14.10 Notwithstanding the provisions of Rule 4 herein, the Management may at its discretion award a new Member a current handicap provided that such Member produces a recently dated handicap certificate issued by another Club bearing an authorized signature. Such Member shall be given an official handicap when he returns twenty (20) complete 18-hole rounds.
    • 14.11 Members applying for new current handicaps shall return ten (10) complete 18-hole cards played over any of the Club’s Courses. Nine (9) hole cards played over any of the Club’s Courses are acceptable provided each full nine (9) holes are played on the same course within 48-hours. All cards must be signed by the Member and by a marker who shall be a Member with a valid handicap.
    • 14.12 A Member may be called upon to play up to nine (9) holes of golf with a nominated Member of the Handicap Committee during which the standard of the Member’s play and his compliance with the Rules & Regulations of the Club and Etiquette of golf will be assessed and if the Member meets the required standard, the Member will be awarded a current handicap and shall be so notified in writing.
    • 14.13 If the Member does not meet the required standard he/she shall not be awarded a new handicap and he/she shall become eligible to be tested again only upon the expiry of one (1) month from the previous test.
    • 14.14 Any Member shall be entitled, on request, to be issued with a handicap certificate stating his current handicap and signed by the Management.

    • 15.1 Members are required to submit a score card every time a round of 18-holes is played whether at any of the Club’s Courses or elsewhere, which shall include the following information:
      • Member’s name and Club Membership number;
      • Member’s current or official handicap, whichever is lower;
      • Date of round played;
      • Course Rating;
      • Slope Rating;
      • 18-hole score;
      • National handicapping system number;
    • 15.2 All scorecards submitted shall be signed by the Member concerned and countersigned by a marker. If a Member fails to submit a card, the Management shall submit a card on his/her behalf with a nett score below the Course Rating, the number of which shall be decided by the Management. For handicap purposes, the Management will accept scorecards up to a maximum of five (5) incomplete holes per round. Any incomplete hole should be clearly marked.
    • 15.3 Any Member failing to submit a scorecard for a period exceeding six (6) months shall have his/her name removed from the handicap list and kept on the non-active list. As soon as he/she submits a new scorecard of 18-holes within the next twelve (12) months, his/her handicap will be reinstated but shall be current. When he/she has submitted ten (10) score cards, he/she shall be given an official handicap. In the event the Member fails to make a return within fourteen (14) months, his/her handicap record will be removed from the handicap register. Thereafter, the Member shall be required to obtain a new handicap.

    • 16.1 Open to all SLGCC Members with a valid handicap unless otherwise determined by the Management.
    • 16.2 The competition shall be decided over 18 holes on Stroke Play, Stableford or Bogey Play. Competitor with the lowest Nett score or highest Stableford points shall be announced the winner.
    • 16.3 All ties shall be decided on count back.
    • 16.4 Entries and selection are on first-come-first served basis.
    • 16.5 The number of prizes and value of the prizes shall be decided by the Management.
    • 16.6 No competitor shall win more than one (1) prize.

    • 17.1 Eligibility for Club competitions including monthly medal shall be confined to Members with an official Club handicap.
    • 17.2 The dates, times, Course and entrance fees for all competitions shall be determined by the Management.
    • 17.3 Competitors taking part in a Club competition shall have priority on the Golf Course and other players shall permit competitors to pass through.
    • 17.4 The scores shall be recorded during the course of play and the scorecard countersigned by a marker appointed by the Management or the player's opponent.
    • 17.5 In competitions extending over more than one (1) day, the Management may at any time on the first day declare play cancelled if it considers that the course is not playable for any reason or that proper play is impossible due to insufficient light. If play is not declared cancelled by the Management on the first day, and the Course is closed on any subsequent day, the competition shall be decided on the play that had taken place on the previous day.
    • 17.6 Before the start of a competition, all competitors shall sign their names as competitors in the manner provided for and shall comply at all times with the rules of the competition. Any competitor(s) failing to observe this Rule shall be automatically disqualified.
    • 17.7 All Club competitions shall be governed by the RAGC, USGA and the Local Rules of SLGCC.
    • 17.8 A member who fails to report to the golf registrations office twenty (20) minutes before starting time shall be deemed to have withdrawn from the competition, and the Management may proceed to fill in his/her slot the first name available on the reserve list.
    • 17.9 Stroke competitions shall, unless the context otherwise requires, include “Bogey” and “Stableford” competitions and the qualifying rounds of other competitions in which match play is not involved.
    • 17.10 In scratch competitions to be decided by match play, the Management shall have the right at its discretion to seed players.
    • 17.11 In competitions in which a draw is made, no competitor may, unless the Management otherwise decides, play at a time other than that fixed by the Management. A competitor in any competition who fails to appear on the starting tee at the appointed time or when called, shall be disqualified, and shall nevertheless be debited with double the cost of the entrance fee and be precluded for a period of two months from entering any competition of the Club in which a draw is made, unless, 48-hours prior notice or an explanation in writing satisfactory to the Management is given. After the entries are closed in any competition and a draw made, no further entry will be accepted.
    • 17.12 In all competitions involving individual stroke play, players shall return their cards whether completed or not at the conclusion of play. Any player who fails to comply with this Rule shall not be eligible to enter any other competition unless otherwise decided by the Management.
    • 17.13 In match play, it shall be the duty of the winner to see that the result is duly reported.
    • 17.14 Ball sweeps shall be held on such competitions and upon such conditions as the Management may decide, either in respect of the whole competition or in respect of any of the nine holes thereof. A competitor disqualified from a competition shall also be disqualified from the ball sweeps.
    • 17.15 In the event of a tie in match play competitions, the Club's count back system shall be applicable.
    • 17.16 The Club's count back system shall start with hole 10 to 18 and if a tie still results, with 13 to 18, 16 to 18, 17 to 18 and last hole 18, and thereafter similarly on the first nine.
  • 18. Practice Range

      • (18.1.1) The practice range operating hours shall be from 7:00am to 7:00pm from Tuesday to Sunday and Public Holidays. Last issue ball by 6:00pm.
      • (18.2.1) Range balls are strictly prohibited on Practice Greens.
      • (18.2.2) Members and Visitors patronizing the Practice Greens must be suitably attired. Sleeveless shirts, jeans and slippers are strictly prohibited.
      • (18.2.3) Chipping and putting are only allowed at designated Practice Greens as shall be determined by the Management.
    • 18.3 GENERAL
      Practice Range is strictly for Iron Club 7,8 and 9.
      • (18.3.1) Only one (1) player is allowed to occupy each bay during each time slot and utilization is on first-come-first-served basis.
      • (18.3.2) Golf balls may be hired at such rate as shall be stipulated by the Management from time to time and posted on the Notice Board.
      • (18.3.3) Guest(s) shall be charged a fee as may be determined by the Management for the use of the Practice Range facility.
      • (18.3.4) No coaching is allowed unless conducted by the Club's golf professionals.
      • (18.3.5) The Management reserves the right to refuse entry or request any person(s) to leave the Club premises if in the opinion of the Management, the conduct or act of such person causes annoyance and disturbance to other person(s) using the Practice Range facilities.
      • (18.3.6) The Management shall not be liable for any mishap or injury to person or persons, damage to or loss of property and/or belongings in or around the Golf Course, Practice Greens, and/or Practic Range by any cause whatsoever.
    • 18.4 DRESS CODE
      • (18.4.1) Members and Visitors patronizing the Practice Range and Practice Green must be properly attired. Sleeveless shirts, jeans and slippers are strictly prohibited. The Management or any authorized employee of the Club shall have the authority to refuse entry or remove any person(s) from the Club premises if he/she is unsuitably attired.

Changing Room

  • 1. GENERAL

    • 1.1 Unless otherwise determined by the Management from time to time, the changing room facilities shall be opened daily at such hour as shall be posted at the respective facilities.
    • 1.2 The Management may at any time, close the changing rooms or any part thereof for any reason whatsoever, but not all at one time.
    • 1.3 No smoking, eating or drinking is allowed in the Locker Rooms/Changing Rooms.
    • 1.4 Boys over four (4) years shall not be allowed in any of the Ladies' Changing Room.
    • 1.5 Girls of any age are not allowed in any of the Men's Changing Room.
    • 1.6 Club locker key are available at the Changing Rooms Counter and must be returned to the counter failing which a fee shall be levied for the same.
    • 1.7 Club towels are available at the Changing Rooms Counter and must be returned to the counter failing which a fee shall be levied for the same.
    • 1.8 Each Members and Guest is entitled to sign out a maximum of one (1) towel per day free of charge. Extra towels will be available at a fee to be determined by the Management.
    • 1.9 Storage of foodstuff, weapons, banned publications, and/or banned drugs in the Changing Room (lockers) are prohibited.
    • 1.10 The Management shall be entitled to charge a fee for replacement of lost or missing locker key.
    • 1.11 All lockers are inspected on a daily basis at 8pm. Any item(s) found will be removed, and the Management shall not be liable in any manner for any loss/damages.
    • 1.12 Members must produce their Membership Cards for verification and registration by the attendant at the Changing Room Counter before issuance of towels and Locker keys.
    • 1.13 Articles deposited in the locker room or left in the changing rooms shall be entirely at the risk of the Members and the Management shall not be responsible for loss or damage to any articles to deposit therein.
    • 1.14 The Club will retain in its custody, the duplicate locker keys and the use of the duplicate keys will only be made in the presence of the Member to whom the locker is allotted.


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